dressin(g)progress #1
fast fashion

For her graduation from the bachelor of Fashion Design, Yelena created a fashion collection that she wanted to document with a photoshoot. She gathered a large team of people to collaborate with and booked two studio's at her art school. In the first studio Yelena was sewing the collection while models were prepared to be photographed in the other studio. After the head of department passed by and remarked with a laugh that this was a performance, Yelena realised that the whole set-up was like a carricature of fashion itself. A universe unravelled within these two studio's. This occasion inspired Yelena to pursue performance art after graduation.

Crew: Yelena Myshko, Yuriy Butenko Butermann, Yannis Kyriazos, Stefan Immanuël Fiole, Jean-Baptist Trannoy, Cristina Hohan, Aaltje Kramer, Donata Kramarz, Janneke Scherpenhuyzen, Elisabeth van Sandick, Valentijn de Hingh, Margriet Dorrestijn, Linde van der Velden, Ynchomar Dossett, Aida Dedeic

  • art
  • year: 2010
  • medium: performance
  • duration: 7 hours, video 2 min





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