painful subjects

In 2016 Yelena began to work on a visual diary that she published on Instagram to explore influence of social media on her artistic process. The idea was to document one artwork a day following Julia Cameron's advice in The Artist's Way. Yelena decided to work with her body and any objects at hand in the artistic tradition of Fluxus. While exploring alternative interactions with objects Yelena's pathological relationship to things as an obsessive-compulsive hoarder began to reflect in her work. Resulting images produce a slight discomfort in the audience. During the making process Yelena was often confronted with anxiety that led to a recurring artist block. While reading Rollo May she discovered that anxiety is a necessary part of creativity. Only by confronting anxiety can the artist reach true creative expression and make art. By exposing her mental struggle in the encounter with the World, Yelena provokes the audience to think and give meaning to her work.

  • art
  • year: 2016-ongoing
  • medium: performalist self-portrait
  • dimensions: 40x30cm





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