As a reaction to disillusionment with contemporary feminist groups Yelena envisions a post-Guerrilla Girls, post-Pussy Riot and post-FEMEN media actionist movement that critically and playfully reacts on urgent problems with a focus on women. She builds on the old but attempts to be radically inclusive. Therefore, Yelena conceptualizes the movement as a hashtag that can be appropriated by anybody anywhere. Instead of a website, she wants to create a Wikipedia page that can also be edited by anybody anywhere. Yelena wants to popularize #redwomenarecoming by spreading rumors on social media and beyond. This fictional project will transform into live performances featuring costumes, bells and whistles. The #redwomenarecoming in numbers to public spaces near you dressed in red burqa’s, red shawls, red hats, red masks or just red lipstick. They will define themselves through interaction with the press and public. Their goal is to occupy your imagination, the news in print and on TV.

  • art
  • year: 2019-ongoing
  • medium: media actionism
  • duration: continuous on social media, in the press and in public space

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