In 2016 Yelena began to work on a visual diary that she published on Instagram to explore influence of social media on her artistic process. The idea was to document one artwork a day following Julia Cameron's advice in The Artist's Way. Yelena decided to work with her body and any objects at hand in the artistic tradition of Fluxus. In the Ritual series Yelena builds on aesthetic traditions of religious art to create contemporary rituals, icons and altars. For example she appropriates the halo and its placement around the body albeit using everyday objects. These works may be interpreted as an act of blasphemy because Yelena places herself at the centre, commenting on male domination in religious tradition and in particular Russian Orthodox Church.

  • art
  • year: 2016-ongoing
  • medium: performalist selfportrait, still life
  • dimensions: 40x30cm



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