This collection was inspired by transgender people. Yelena illustrated a fictional collection and produced two outfits. The clothes were presented in a performance. The performance was accompanied by a video collage about a battle of the sexes. It referenced popular movies and series as well as made use of historical footage. The performance was a role play that featured three characters. Yelena was representing the shaman, dictator and terrorist. The two models represented a transgender man and a transgender woman. They appeared wearing a burqua and revealed themselves towards the end. The theatrical part and background video collage were inspired by Alan Watts lecture on the theory of nature. The East Indian theory of nature explains nature as a play with fixed episodes of time that carry their own character and become extensively violent towards the end. In the end the supreme being, who pretends to be all of us, wakes up after total destruction and knows who it is so it can rest. The movie collage tells a story of unity in paradise; becoming dominated by the male; then dominated by the female; then the female becomes the male; and finally the male gives birth. The male gives birth because internally he is still a female, inspired by the transgender activist Thomas Beatie.

Yelena Myshko, Jeffrey Singh, Marieke de Kan

  • art/design/styling
  • year: 2008
  • medium: textile, ink & pastel, performance
  • dimensions: men's & woman's size small, A4
  • duration: 10 min, video 8.5 min





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