terrorist fashion institute

In 2008 Yelena was triggered by the prevalence of terrorists in the news and connected it to the paranoia about werewolves in the middle ages. She was fascinated by the overlapping theme of violent outburst. This inspired a collection of clothes that was in turn presented to the world through performances and eventually a chain of pop-up shops. The locations varied from alternative art spaces to a high profile fashion fair. Every time Yelena created a universe around the collection signified by a rough aesthetic. The collection was expanded and new designs were added for BEDFORD and Modefabriek.

Terrorist Fashion Institute #6, De Rode Winkel, Utrecht
Terrorist Fashion Institute #5, Minishop Roodkapje Rot(t)terdam, Rotterdam
Terrorist Fashion Institute #4, Zomer aan de Wibaut, TROUW, Amsterdam
Terrorist Fashion Institute #3, BEDFORD, Utrecht
Terrorist Fashion Institute #2, MixTup Market, Amsterdam
Terrorist Fashion Institute #1, Trash & Treasures, Modefabriek #30, Amsterdamse RAI, Amsterdam

  • styling
  • year: 2011-2012
  • medium: pop-up shop
  • duration: 1 day to 1 month

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