the red woman

In 2008 Yelena was triggered by the prevalence of terrorists in the news and connected it to the werewolf paranoia in the middle ages. She was fascinated by the overlapping theme of violent outburst. In the middle ages, people were stigmatised, followed, and killed when suspected of being a werewolf. The same thing is happening today with terrorists, while the whole thing is blown out of proportion! This inspired a collection of clothes that was in turn presented to the world through performances and pop-up shops. In 2018 Yelena's performance terrorist treatment was selected for an exhibition in the USA. A passion for this topic reignited and transformed into a new series of performances. Yelena's fashion design is now substituted with a simple outfit. In this way Yelena abstracts herself from her previous work. The focus now lies on concept and action, sharpening the edges of her performances.

  • art
  • year: 2018-ongoing
  • medium: performance
  • duration: 5-15 min